Hospital El Maestro en el Caribbean Business

¡Acompáñanos a celebrar! El Hospital El Maestro y su directora Ejecutiva Yarimir Rodríguez fueron incluidos recientemente en una cobertura especial de la industria de salud por el periódico Caribbean Business, donde se destaca el liderazgo de nuestra institución y se describe nuestro firme compromiso con la comunidad al celebramos 60 años de servicio. ¡Felicidades a nuestro equipo y gracias a nuestros pacientes!


A continuación la nota completa:

This year, Hospital El Maestro celebrates 60 years of history offering services to teachers, family members, and the community. Its clinical area includes four departments with medical functions, such as surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine and pediatrics. To provide hospitalization services in those departments, the hospital has a license to operate 255 beds. The hospital currently has 176 beds available.

“Hospital El Maestro is a one-of-a-kind hospital with competent staff who stand out for their high-level human qualities, which is our promise to our patients and visitors,” said Yarimir Rodríguez Díaz, executive director, MHSA, MBA. “This year, we celebrate 60 years at the service of the community in general and reaffirm our promise to deliver a medical-hospital service of excellence and sensitivity to a diverse community.”

While it is a general hospital, El Maestro Hospital has highly specialized services such as mammograms, sonomammography and stereotactic biopsies for early detection of breast cancer, where women are offered various options, including reconstructive surgery. Its clinical laboratory has a classification of excellence by the Joint Accrediting Commission of Hospitals, as does El Maestro.

Through the hospital’s Integrated Oncology Services, cancer patients who arrive looking for treatment, receive a comprehensive evaluation and the necessary support for themselves and their family. The hospital has a “Tumor Board” made up of renowned oncologists from other hospitals as well. Hospital El Maestro’s Intensive Care & Telemetry Room is distinguished by its care of patients by personnel specifically trained in intensive care. It also provides invasive and vascular radiology, orthopedics and interventional nephrology services. “While high operational costs and regulations imposed on hospitals represent constant challenges, at El Hospital El Maestro, the institution faces these challenges by constantly evaluating the profitability of its operations and departments, looking for alternatives to be more efficient and attractive to the communities that visit us,” Rodríguez Díaz said. “The key to everything is to have a work team with a Medical School all committed to offering the best medical care.”

Hospital El Maestro is surrounded by four homes for elderly residents, whose tenants are served at the hospital, in addition to all teachers and the general public who maintain their loyalty to this medical institution. “Once they know about our hospital, they become faithful promoters of the services we offer here,” Rodríguez Díaz said. “This year, Hospital El Maestro celebrates 60 years at the service of the community in general and reaffirms our promise to deliver a medical-hospital service of excellence and sensitivity to a diverse community.”